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Occupation - monitoring of can lines

Every company in the packaging branch needs reliable monitoring of material on conveyors. The demands for sensors to guarantee an efficient and uninterrupted production are high: material or gaps shall be identified, the size of the cans must to be checked, jams on the conveyor announced.

One beverage company also had the requirement: The volume of the can line should be controlled and jams signaled.

The problem was solved with an inductive sensor strip IKU 022.28 G S4 with two internal, but different response zones. Both response zones (each a different size) has its own output which can be evaluated via a PLC. Thus it is possible to control the buffer amount on the conveyor, identify jams and monitor speed.
Besides the inductive sensor strips with two response zones, Proxitron also offers sensor strips with only one response zone, up to a lengths of 500 mm. The bigger housing enables monitoring - with only one sensor - even of large diameter cans (i.e. large cans of food or paint). When the monitored area is full the system is notified.  If this is absent, the can line has a gap and the conveyor speed must be raised. Sensors are also available with the Teach-In function for the same price. The Teach function locks in the sensing distance when the button is pressed and maintains it even under changing room tempertures.

At a glance

• Monitoring of roller paths and conveyor tracks
• Recognisation of jams, allocation and supply
• Speed monitoring
• Self-balancing with ProxiTeach-In
• Connection by plug or cable variations

Technical data (IKU 022.28 G S4)

Output: 2x PNP normally open
Operating frequency (f): 50 Hz
Supply voltage (UB): 10 - 30 V DC
Load current max: 0 - 400 mA
Ambient temperature: -25 up to 70°C
Protection class: IP 67
Connection: Connector S4 ( M12 x 1 )


Suitable cables in different lengths and versions.

Specially for can lines

As an accessory choose the mounting (angled) bracket HM 7. The bracket allows, in combination with the mounting bracket HM 8 or HM 9 (different sizes), an easy installation of inductive sensors of the series IKU 0 in can lines. An adaption to existing Sencon-mounting brackets is possible.

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