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Coil detection in automated coil evacuation

Type + Article-No.:

LRD 600.38 GV, 5040A

LLK 2, 6436I

OADF 154, 6039A

OR 05, 9818I

Application field:

Non-contact detection of hot and cold objects

Customer / sector

Steel plates production

Application description

Coil control in an automated coil transport system. After being wound into rolls, coils are removed automatically from the coiler, marked, strapped and stored in a storage common area.

Customer problem

Reliable coils detection regardless of their temperature, cold or warm, up to 600°C. Detection is made difficult by the coil temperature combined with the nearby outdoor area, which facilitates steam formation. A thru- beam light barrier could not be installed due to missing electrical wiring.

Previous solution

Existing light barriers are not resistant against radiated heat and get damaged. Furthermore, they get easily disturbed by pollution or steam.

Proxitron solution

Retro-reflective barrier with fiber glass cable, remote optics and high-temperature glass reflector.

Advantages compared to previous solution or competition

Fiber glass cable and optics withstand +290 °C, whereas the reflector resists up to +500 °C; these parts can be mounted directly in the range of influence of radiated heat. The high functional reserve allows for the barrier proper working also in presence of pollution. A dedicated output sends a signal when pollution is increasing and optics need cleaning, thus preventing barrier malfunctioning.

Retro-reflective barrier LRD 600 with optics OADF 104 and fiber glass cable LLK 2

High-temperature glass reflector OR05

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